monitor your smart contracts

Tenderly is the first Ethereum Smart Contracts monitoring platform that empowers you with real-time EVM level insights for every transaction on the network.

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Error Tracking

Track and fix errors as they happen
Error tracking feature preview

Error Tracking, track every reverted transaction and easily pinpoint issue in real-time.


Full Stack Traces

See the full execution of your contracts.

Tenderly enables your blockchain development with stack traces, showing you the source code right in the stack trace pinpointing the exact line of code where your contract fails.


Real-Time Alerting

Custom alerts based on your contract execution.

Get alerted on events like contract failing, unknown caller address, calling with specific value or customized based on the monitored events, initially originated as Smart Alert at ETHBerlin.



Know your smart contracts.
Analytics feature preview

Get real-time insights based on detailed execution metrics like most frequent callers, value transferred, biggest spenders, gas consumption and most frequent internal calls.

Develop with ease

Speed up your local development with our open-source CLI tool.

Using Tenderly CLI you can see the stack trace of the local execution of your smart contracts and if they fail on which line of code it happened greatly speeding up your development.